About production

   In 2018, our production of polyester fiber was opened near the village of Ratmirovo, Voskresensk city district in the Moscow region.

Thoughts about own production arise from any market leader, and already in 2016, the management of the Vostokhimvolokno group of companies forthis purpose, on an area of 3.5 hectares, reconstructed old and built new production workshops. The project complies with the sectoral action plan forimport substitution in the chemical industry of the Russian Federation.

The constructed plant processes about 800 million plastic bottles per year, which makes a significant contribution to solving environmental problemsand the development of related industries, and also gives impetus to the development of companies involved in the collection and processing of plasticbottles in various regions of Russia.

The production capacity is 24 thousand tons per year.

In addition, it should be noted that with the launch of its own production at the plant in Voskresensk, the company will provide half of Russianconsumers with Russian-made fiber. Today, the company provides jobs for more than 180 people.

Unique laboratory with special equipment from Germany

2 000 000 kg/month plant productivity

The latest equipmentе

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