About us

Group of companies «Vostokhimvolokno» is well experienced in the textile raw materials market in Russia and the CIS.

Our advantages::

  • Сooperation with more than 120 European and Asian suppliers;
  • Wide customer network: more than a thousand customers from all over Russia and CIS countries;
  • Professional staff training;
  • Branch network;
  • Huge experience in following fields: international trade, transportation, warehouse logistics and ability to purchase in many different regions all overthe world taking into account their local peculiarity.

7 warehouses located in the largest cities of our country

more then 17 years from brave idea of group like-minded people to the status of the biggest trader and producer of polyester staple fiber in Russia

40% of imported fiber is supplied by our Company

there are 350 employees in Group of companies «Vostokhimvolokno», ensuring the production and uninterrupted supply of raw materials to ourPartners

726 small, medium-sized and large companies based in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe are our regular customers

2 000 000

our factory produces 2 400 000 kg per month of own polyester fiber in the Ratmirovo city, under the brand «ВСК»

10 000 000

our warehouses are able to store 10 000 tons at one time

1 500 000 000

1 500 000 000 pieces of ejected PET bottles were recycled by our factory recent years

Our mission:

To be the textile market leader in the polyester and man-made fibers, making a significant contribution to:

Creation of a favorable environment for the development of light industry enterprises;

Providing jobs for thousands of company employees;

Production and development of textile products necessary for everybody;

The well-being of Russia, being a conscientious taxpayer and participant in foreign economic activity.


  • We make the world better by recycling plastic waste by ourselves
  • We promote the usage of recycled materials


Human capital

People are the key advantage of our company. Employees, suppliers, customers, share holders. Their experience, qualifications and satisfaction are thekey to the success and progressive development of our company.

Satisfaction of our customers

We live because our customers live. We do our best and even more for our customers to be satisfied and cooperate with us for many years.


We appreciate the transparency of relations, we respect the laws.


We constantly develop, devoting entirely ourselves to solving the tasks that our customers set for us. We set goals and achieve them.


We gain a synergistic effect by supporting each other, sharing experience, which allows us to solve problems that others cannot solve.

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