Viscose fiber

Viscose fiber (from the Latin Viscosus - sticky) is an artificial cellulose fiber obtained by processing natural cellulose.The most popular types of viscose are fibers made from cellulose obtained from bamboo and eucalyptus. Viscose fiber today retains its value, as it ismade from natural raw materials, therefore it is popular with consumers and is used for the production of multicomponent yarns, nonwovens, andmedical products.

Viscose fiber production:

  • Obtaining a spinning solution from cellulose – viscose;
  • Wet yarn formation by forcing a viscose solution through spinnerets into an acid vase with the determination of cellulose;
  • Finishing and drying.

The main properties of viscose fiber:

  • Hygroscopic and breathable, which leads to high hygienic qualities of the fabric;
  • Easily dyed with cellulose fiber dyes;
  • Good heat-shielding properties;
  • Gives products softness, smoothness, silkiness;
  • Natural antibacterial properties;
  • Softness.

Pure viscose is translucent and shiny, and in this way it is similar to silk. To get rid of shine (if it is undesirable), viscose is additionally processed ormatting additives are added to the solution. Viscose does not accumulate static electricity. Viscose fiber is easier than cotton to dye in any bright colors- after all, the dye can be injected directly into the solution from which the thread will be restored.

However, the shortcomings of natural fabric have not bypassed viscose either: it is easily wrinkled and destroyed under the influence of atmosphericfactors as a result of the combined action of water, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation. Natural cotton is also exposed to similar influences, however, inaddition to cellulose, it contains natural antioxidants and protection from sunlight, so cotton is more resistant to environmental influences than pureviscose.

Application of viscose fiber:

Fiber typesThickness, DENCut length, ММColourPropertiesAplication area
Viscose fiber (Rawwhite; flame retardant)
1,2; 1,5; 1,7; 3
32; 38; 51; 60
white-beige, white,black, colored fibers
Good absorbency, resistant tomost organic solvents
Manufacture of household wipes;medical cotton; yarn; fillers for blankets, pillows, soft toys

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