PET flakes

   For the production of polyester fibers, PET flakes are used, obtained in the process of crushing and washing bottles. PET bottle recycling is the processof converting PET bottles into a new material, avoiding the release of polyethylene terephthalate into the environment and reducing the amount ofwaste sent to landfills. The main purpose of recycling is to conserve resources as raw materials.

   First of all, the processing of such products is justified by environmental problems: one such bottle decomposes in nature up to 300 years. Plastic wasteis gradually polluting and littering the world around us. When burned, they release toxic substances that are extremely difficult to remove from thebody. In addition, recently there has been a problem of shortage of polymer raw materials. Thanks to the processing of 1 kg of plastic waste, you canget about 0.8 kg of recyclable materials. That is why the recycling of PET materials is an important and necessary business. Due to the presence of partners in the production of flakes, our company is ready to offer you these products sorted by color: transparent, blue, green, brown and their mixes.We are ready to carry out the delivery of flakes for you with customs clearance.

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